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My goal as a marketing and design freelancer is to use my marketing agency experience to bring that level of service and expertise to small businesses who have the most to gain.

Let’s define your business’s true north! I’ll be your compass charting your vision into a clear and achievable path.

Agency versitility. Freelancer rates.

With a diverse skill set and marketing agency experience, I offer high-quality services across design and marketing. As a freelancer, you benefit from my expertise without the overhead costs of a full agency, allowing you access to expert-level work at a fraction of the price. 

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Service When you Need It

Go Broad or Niche with Varied Pricing Packages

Flexibility is key. Choose from custom-quoted projects tailored to your immediate needs or opt for our varied pricing packages, allowing you to pre-pay for a set number of hours. Whether you require a broad range of services or need to focus on a specific niche, you’ll have the flexibility to access high-quality work exactly when you need it.

With these options, you can manage your budget effectively while ensuring access to comprehensive, expert-level support for all your projects.


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Crafting unique experiences tailored to every client and their project goals

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Your personal specialist in marketing and design. 

As a marketing and design professional, I’ve been inspired by the immense potential of small businesses. But also have recognized the hurdles they face. Tight budgets can restrict access to marketing and design support, and expensive agencies often leave owners feeling discouraged. That’s where I bridge the gap.

I’m passionate about empowering businesses like yours – those who stand to benefit most from marketing and design. By understanding your unique goals and budget constraints, I offer flexible plans to help you achieve your vision and watch your business flourish.

Best in the industry

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A Process for success

Exceeding client expectations with precision

I prioritize a comprehensive understanding of every client’s needs while upholding industry best practices. This approach ensures that every project is executed with precision and innovation, surpassing client expectations at every turn. From initial concept to final delivery, we strive for excellence, guaranteeing that our solutions not only meet but exceed client objectives, resulting in impactful and successful outcomes.




Goal Setting



Design & Marketing Excellence

Why North Light Marketing?


Years spent working directly with various clients.


Diverse skills for a wide range of projects.


Flexible and affordable options tailored to you.

Personalized Approach

Crafting each project with your goals and vision.

Clear Communication

Prioritized communication for seamless collaboration.