Various Design Projects

Hansen Plastics Corporation.


Since 2019, Hansen Plastics Corporation has chosen to work with me, leveraging my graphic design expertise to meet their diverse visual needs. Over the years, I’ve created a wide range of designs, including slide decks, infographics, branded water bottles, and even interior design for various areas around the building. Each project presented unique challenges, allowing me to tailor my approach and deliver customized solutions that align with their visual goals. You can see the diverse types of design projects I’ve done below.

Working with Hansen Plastics has been an enriching experience, as every project has offered new insights and opportunities to push the boundaries of creativity. From enhancing their brand presence with eye-catching infographics to transforming their workspace with thoughtful interior design, I’ve been dedicated to ensuring that each design element not only meets but exceeds their expectations. This ongoing collaboration has solidified my commitment to providing exceptional graphic design services that adapt to the evolving needs of my clients.

Front Desk Wall

Improving the impact of the front door reception desk with interior design and a high-quality sign.

Front Desk Wall

Additional visual improvement in the reception area with photos and signs about the company.

Front Office Wall

Designing a custom decal to display company values prominently to clients and employees.

Visitors Feedback Flyers

A simple flyer for visitors after their in-person tour to encouarge feedback and engagement.

Anniversary Logo

A revised logo the share digitally and on printed items to commemorate 50 years in business.

Branded Water Bottles

Design and management of custom Contigo water bottles to be given to clients and employees.

My Process.

My process for working on varied design projects remains relatively consistent. I begin by understanding the ideal end result and the vision for the project from my client’s perspective. This approach has significantly improved communication and quickened the delivery of various projects. With Hansen Plastics Corporation, I’ve learned they often prefer to see multiple design approaches and mock-ups to help them visualize the final product. This method not only assists them in articulating the intricacies of their vision but also ensures we are aligned throughout the project. By tailoring my process to their preferences, we’ve enhanced our collaboration and achieved greater efficiency in our work together.

HPC has had the pleasure of working with Madison for several years, and her contributions to our marketing efforts have been nothing short of outstanding. Her creativity and professional approach have consistently resulted in exceptional work, always delivered on time and within budget.

Tim Bayer
President & CEO, Hansen Plastics Corporation

Improved Brand Recognition

Developing enhanced brand recognition through cohesive, visually striking designs, making their brand more recognizable and memorable across various mediums.

Increased Online Traffic 

Designs provided to visitors have led to improved traffic metrics on Hansen Plastics Corporation’s website and social pages, boosting overall online engagement.

Visitor Experience

The improved interior elements create a professional and welcoming atmosphere, enhancing the visitor experience and significantly improving the impression the company makes on potential clients.