A Simple, Affordable Website

Voltaic Vision LLC.


Voltaic Vision aimed to establish its online presence beyond a Facebook page, recognizing the need for a website to make a growing electrician’s business easily searchable by prospective customers. With a cost-effective budget in mind, we developed a single-page website that clearly highlighted their service offerings and included a user-friendly contact form, enabling prompt email responses on the go.

The Process.

Keeping a low cost as a priority, we agreed that a single-page website was all they would need to start, and that we could always expand upon the site at a later time. The goal became a simple website that clearly highlighted the service offerings, could report data, and included a user-friendly contact form, enabling prompt email responses on the go.

The project began with the development of a custom single-page design. After the review process, I guided Voltaic Vision through obtaining hosting and a domain name. With everything set up, the build commenced. Having already settled on the outline, adding the visual elements and content was straightforward. Only one revision was needed to refine the content to perfectly match what Voltaic Vision wanted to convey to their prospective customers.

Was the finished website worth the investment?

1,000% The website looks clean and professional. It’s easy to read and transition through without feeling overwhelming or bearing unnecessary information.

Benjamin L. Winn
Owner, Voltaic Vision LLC

Increase in Client Leads

The website’s impact was felt immediately. After the first week of being searchable online, Voltaic Vision began receiving more interest and quote requests through the website’s contact form.

Improved Lead Experience

Now that leads were submitting forms that asked the right questions, it was easy for Voltaic Vision to provide accurate quotes and details faster, and while on the go.

Trackable Performance

Now the team at Voltaic Vision can access their website data to learn user behaviors, identify trends and where their leads are coming from to optimize outreach tactics.